Setting a path to purpose.

Art Tank. Art Tank. Art Tank…

I was accepted to and am participating in business classes for creatives, offered by LiftFund, an organization that helps small businesses succeed. They are national, but headquartered, right here in San Antonio.   I feel so lucky to have this help, spurred on by intention, thinking of what I want and need, asking for it, from whoever, where-ever, and somehow what I ask for eventually magically is working its way to me (it works, try it!).  We are about 1 month into a two month program, and all of this info is starting to gel in my brain… Business plans, business model canvases, websites, SEO, making, marketing, selling, networking… A lot of this eluded me in the past, or, I ran away from it, because it seemed too overwhelming, too complicated.  When you’re constantly immersing yourself in it, like a foreign language, it becomes clear in an almost organic way; all the puzzle pieces fitting together, systematically.

All Art degree programs should offer real business courses as required courses!  A whole suite of classes to cover what you need to know to succeed.  But they don’t.  That is why LiftFund exists, I suppose.

So, I am dwelling on all this information;  planning, preparing, more than I have ever done before.  The actual making of jewelry and art has taken a sideline, whereas it has always been the most important thing to me in the past.  That was misguided.  People told me throughout school, but it never took hold for me before.  Now, with a house, a place to work, a mortgage and future plans that need funding, I find myself perfectly forced into doing the things that scare me the most.  Talking to people, making friends (gasp!), learning how to do taxes, learning sales strategies…all with the bigger picture in mind of continuing with my art jewelry, making objects of adornment, and finally being able to go to a SNAG conference and not put it all on a credit card!  These are pretty lofty goals.  I still have work-work goals, but the large, grandiose ideas are being shuffled to the back for a time.  I am looking at practical, necessary objects to make, and tasks to be carried out.  Yesterday  registered my business name, Jennifer Hermann: Handmade, legally with the City of San Antonio and the State of Texas.  Edging ever closer to ‘Legit’.

All the while, I feel a need to give back.  To do something outside of myself to help the world…  I’m not sure what or how I am going to do that but I know I can’t do as much as I would like until I have my own house in order.

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