I made this.

This blog is two things:

1. A place for me to post images of things  have been working on or have finished.

2. A recording of thoughts I have, after I’ve researched them briefly, by doing image searches.  I’m looking for common threads, things that interest me and have to do with my daily thoughts and activities; things I find interesting and hope will inform my work.  A quick way to express ideas.

I cite sources where I can and where I think it essential… Most things are random.  When something is a picture of my own work, I will write so.  And when I feature an artist I will give all the info I can find on them.  If something of yours has been posted without a credit- a photo or intellectual property, please message me and I will either take it down or add a citation at your request with my sincere apologies in advance.  This is the information age, but I understand wanting to keep things close.

I have studied Metals and Jewelry since high school.  I went to Millersville University for my BFA, and then SUNY New Paltz for my MFA.

I moved to San Antonio, Texas mid October 2013 and I love it here so far.

Should you like to contact me, for any reason:

mail: jenmae21@hotmail.com

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JenniferHermannHandmade

Thanks so much for looking at my ideas and those of others that I find inspirational.


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