Driving a hybrid car makes it very easy to hop in and drive three hours east to see someone you haven’t seen in the flesh for years, just because you know they are going to be there.  And you know they are going to help “shake us out of the heavy deep sleep”

I am biding time and looking for myself, for who I was, before suburbic charms took temporary hold of my focus. Before I succumbed to a dream-like state of regularity and submission to schedules and hierarchies.   I know I am there, under layers of dusty wrapped protection.  It is just a tapping into, a shaking off, and awakening that needs to happen.  And safety, but I know safety is already there…  I just have to believe in it.

We can so easily forget who we are when a list of demands comes with a paycheck and we focus on these goals that truly mean nothing at all to our own well-being.  And why?  so that we can sign a piece of paper that says we can own a building and the ground under it…  So that we can rip out the floors if we want to and paint the walls cerulean and magenta, and no land owner can say no.

And then what.

At some point we cannot be expected to continue on someone else’s goals, someone else’s demands.

My old work was set aside  I started making boho chic earrings and rings and necklaces because they sell.  But that is not what my conceptual interest lies in.

Ideas right now popping out most in my mind are icons of place, space and time, In relation to my own work they are things that have always been inherent, iconography and trying to find cultural symbols from our time and make them my own.

I’m thinking forward into my work, looking at fashion and at the ubiquitous objects around us. A garment made of the snap tabs, pull tabs from plastic bottles, a full Renaissance/Tudor dress, Holbein style, illustrious and gaudacious (A new word just coined by me today meaning: that which is both audacious- showing a willingness to take bold risks and gaudy- bright showy and verging on tasteless.) and over the top.  I’m thinking of Sound Suits; Nick Cave as format and thinking of these things as being vital objects in our everyday life to be elevated.  By making them wearable/worn they become intimate, precious.

Other pieces that also incorporates things from the sea.  Sea Plastic.  With bits of shell and stones.  A residency at an Ocean Recycling program?

Also, reducing them down to the singular object, and just making those wearable.  Milk ring hoop earrings.  The pull tab ring, altered and added to, to have a faceted stone shape growing out of it.

All this idea-flurry in the space of 24 hours of thinking after seeing a blast from the past.  Thanks, Myra Mimlitsch-Gray.  Your talk reminded me of what I have put into my life in this field.  It reminded me of the kinds of people I should be surrounding myself with and the positions, uncomfortable or demanding  that I should be putting myself in, in order to move forward.   I hope i can bring some of this to fruition, and honor the work I have already put forth.