We write and read and escape into stories to hide, even for just a few moments, from the trials of life.  The more dramatic the tale, the better our lives seem in comparison.

Art and fiction should be swelling right about now.  We are entering a period in which everything to free-thinking, open-minded, science accepting people is being called into question.  The very safety of our being.  The safety of our friends and the safety of those seeking refuge and a better life.

Our world is being twisted and wrung out.  We are being led to believe that things are very bad, while, really, it is just a lot of hype from people looking to direct the story.  But we know the story already.  We can see what is happening, while people are trying to tell us the complete opposite, and not only the complete opposite, but other stories at the same time, that are transgressive, but not seemingly as transgressive as the first story.  Side stories, like in a Tolstoy novel…  Jumping from narrative to narrative until they all seemingly slump together somewhere in the middle.  All to distract us from the grande plot… the twist in the end that leads to the desolate fall of the main character.  We are the main character.  They (Tolstoy) are out to destroy us, to make an example of us.  We are the American People.  They are some quasi-dictator, anarcho-fascist, power lusty mob.  They seek to stunt us into submission.  To quell our  anger and our resistance.  To subdue us into lassitude.

We must reject this.  We control our own story.

What is there to do but create.  What is there to do but write and make and wake every morning with fury in our hearts.  To rise and to fight the ridiculous narrative that they are trying to cram into our heads and hearts. Wear your darkness and speak your truths.  Be open about how this state of affairs makes you feel.  To your mother, to your father, all of your brothers and sisters.  Tell them you have Iraqi and Persian friends.  Tell them you believe America is the place where freedom lives.  Tell everyone you meet that hate and fear are at odds with a just and prosperous Nation.  And know it inside you.