The Wrath of The Gods

Nor was Jove’s rage appeased by pouring heavens.

Neptune arrived with armies of the waters,

Rivers assembled at  his ocean’s floor

To hear his orders: “The hour is all short

For long orations, open your locks and dykes,

Your streaming walls, and springs, unleash the horses

Riding in foam through waterfalls and waves.”

At his command the mouths of fountains opened

Racing  their mountain waters to the sea.

Under the blow of Neptune’s fork earth trembled,

And way was open for a sea of waters:

Where land was the great rivers toppled orchards,

Uncut corn, cottages, sheep, men, and cattle

Into the flood. Even stone shrines and temples

Were washed away, and if farmhouse or barn

Or palace still stood its ground, the waves

Climbed over door and lintel, up roof and tower.

All vanished as though lost in glassy waters,

Road, highway, valley, and hill swept into ocean,

All was a moving sea without a shore.

OVID- The Metamorphoses, Book I, The Flood.


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