New works, followed by chasing blues in South Philly.

   Sorting sawn out scraps to make smaller earrings.  This is why I read Highlights magazine and did all those matching puzzles when I was a kid. Or…maybe the other way around–that’s why I do what I do now…  Maybe I should have been reading scientific American or something?!  🙂   new!!  Lightweight, fire painted patina  earrings with Sterling earwire, freshwater pearls, Jasper, garnet, coral and turquoise beads

The diamond shaped ones have grey glass and gold glass beads and a black patina.  They are only $35.

$40 each pair.  Except for the two smaller ones on the bottom, in the middle, and the diamonds, they are $35 each pair.

Everything you see here (and much much more!) will be available on September 22nd at the UHURU Flea market at Clark Park in West Philadelphia from 9 am to 5 pm  

And coming soon…new verdigris colors.


These above ^^ fully hinge and swing:)











‘Cape May Diamond’–Or, tumbled and polished smoky quartz from Cape May Point, NJ.  Sterling silver cup prong setting, with twisted copper wire shank.

$65          Size 6 1/4

other sizes/stones available.

And now for some intriguing blues chasing in south Philadelphia.  These were all taken in a one block radius around 12th and Carpenter.

Please come back next time to see new verdigris patina pieces.
thanks- and as always comments and feedback are much appreciated.

2 thoughts on “New works, followed by chasing blues in South Philly.

  1. your photographs are so good. do the shapes and or colors inspire you to replicate them through jewelry? mother gus


    1. Thanks for your comment Nancy, I hope you are having a good start to fall!

      I think it goes two ways. I go searching for things that I know I want -colors, shapes, and textures- when I go take pictures. I don’t go work from them too directly, but I think they work their way in. I’ve been thinking about pulling more directly from the images, somehow, but I’m not sure how I would do it yet. I need to experiment more.

      Also,Its a good way to get out of the studio:)


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