I *think*…

I want to create works that are the objectification of the virtuous object- defined as an idea that when meditated upon, brings inner peace.  Not an actual object in meditation, but an imaginary object that can be held in the mind.

I want to avoid appropriation of any culture or religion.

So, I have to shed the frame works of all religious identities and their virtuous objects, which have already been objectified or personified, such as amulets, symbols, and saints.

This means that I have to create my own framework of virtuous ideas, and their respective objects.

I *attempted* this in graduate school, and I think I did not succeed, because I latched on to another culture’s framework, and tried to make it my own.

I am interested in imbuing the items with ‘magic’.    Meaning that they would be given the ability to affect the user, if object, or the wearer, if worn.  Which may involve ritual and ceremony.  Which may in turn involve documentation of the ritual ceremony, to prove the object has been imbued.

This system would all be reliant on a sense of imagination, belief, faith.  Which brings us to the point of the body of work.  The Human ability to believe in a faith system.  The strength and ability of the objects as fetish objects will determine the success of the faith system.

The whole thing would be intrinsic.  There will be no evidence of the system I am trying to create.  No obvious religiosity inherent in the objects.  Only that they would be related, with the support of human faith, as virtuous objects that may bring peace to the user/wearer.