So much time, so little to do


Location:  Cheltenham Center for the Arts

Work: Jewelry and Object

Timeframe: June 2011-June 2012

Funds: Unknown

Outside Support: Dinahmoe, Loeffelholz, Parents, Lisa Lisa (sans Cult Jam), Ruppersburger, The Stars, etc.

Forms: Lockets, Enkolpions, Holders of the Cosmos, Hairpins, Boxes, That thing for Clemmer, Rings, Earloops, Toe sparkles,  Rocking chairs with flowers, bicycle adornment, a brand, inner knowledge, hand enhancements, talismans, amulets, coats of arms, badges.

Materials: All the shit in boxes chemically bonded to pinbacks, the sands of distant lands, Unicorn Horns, cut class, carbon, twines, fear, cans, colors, magic, paper, tears, laquer, metals, heat, spit, freedom, Gold, stones of the earth, debris, finery, things decomposing; deteriorating, strings, hairs, sunlight, wrappers, slices of organization; dismantled and reorganized, the positive, and the negative, courage, laughter…ctc.