it’s deep or whatever

Lisa Bialac-Jehle-

Body Torso 8 ring

I stumbled upon this image on the Ganoksin facebook page.  I like something about this ring very much, but I’m not completely sure what that is.  Maybe it’s the cameo-esque shape of the setting.  And perhaps the objectification of the female form as adornment.  It’s beautiful, though.  I went to the website and was a bit dissapointed in the rest of the artist’s work.  I think I either mistakenly saw more to this piece than was intended, OR- this happened to be the artist’s strongest, most thought provoking piece.  Either way, it’s a really nice ring.


A note to all, on the sidewalk, on Broad St, Philly.








3 thoughts on “it’s deep or whatever

  1. I’ve seen the sidewalk message that you photographed, and others in the area. Do you have any idea who is painting “It’s deep or whatever” around South Philly?


    1. I don’t know who it is…sorry, I like it though. It’s a seemingly unwitty phrase, but really just the opposite, in an ironic way. I’m suprised that it is a theme. I thought it was just a fluke.


  2. Or…its simply that my website was put up by someone who dropped in a lot of temporary photos and then took ill and has been unable to finish the site for me. (He made the darn thing so complex other web designers have thrown up their hands trying to “fix” it. I may need to start over with a new site).

    The ring is perhaps a “thought provoking” piece for some, but not at all my strongest work. 😉 -Lisa from Byzantia Jewelry®


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