a harem full of bearded ladies on balloon flights hitting piñatas filled with love

Sometimes i think it would have been nice to have been born into a nice victorian era middle eastern society…Victorian as in around and between 1835 and 1901- the span of Queen Victoria’s reign in England.

Cupcake Pinata

Candy Bar Pinata

I might have been a member of a harem, or part of a wealthy sultan’s polygamist family.

lots of chicks to hang out with… probably, i could even get my own eunuch.

I’d have everything I needed.  as may babies as i could want… nice clothes… no responsibilities…. (mmm. except maybe one…)

File:Swoboda-shopping in harem mid19th.jpg

a prison of convenience and leisure…

all I’d have to do is have sex with one old guy…