a question was posed.

Where did the motif of the heart as a symbol for love come from.

so i spent the morning looking it up.

biology.  sex.  it all boils down to reproduction.  nature.

love is a fallacy.   a dream product of biologic expedience…


Heart-shaped Brooch, maker unknown, about 1400. Museum no. 86-1899

Heart-shaped Brooch (front view above, rear view below)
Maker unknown
England or France
About 1400
Gold, formerly enamelled
Museum no. 86-1899

During the medieval period the two main themes in jewellery were religion and love. The heart shape and inscription show that this ring brooch was a token of love.

Jewels that were given as tokens of love often had inscriptions. They were believed to protect the wearer and bring good fortune. Their inscriptions could contain love messages, charms or prayers. This brooch is inscribed in French, ‘Ourselves and all things at your whim’. French was the international language of people with education. The inscription does not imply that the brooch was actually made in France.

Ring brooches were used to fasten tunics, gowns and cloaks. The front of the brooch is engraved with stylised foliage to form a decorative pattern. Originally this would have been richly enamelled.

Source:  http://www.vam.ac.uk/images/image/47182-popup.html

crow cress Lepidium campestre

why not.


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  1. Nice fibulae nice cress. I should try and find the fibula I made in college. I think I have pics, if not, I have the real thing. All cress plants that I have encountered seem to seed in the same heart shape.
    Love all of your collections of pics.


    1. Thanks!! hey did you know the couple at the block party, Cheryl and Mingo. I need their contact info.


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