and, uh here we go

Today is the start of another big push.  This is the beginning of a new beginning.  In the next two weeks there will be much organization, planning, working.  The Tabpod sold at the Bambi show for $175.  This brings me a much missed sense of validation and purpose in regard to my work.

Wait, why am I poking all these holes in various metal objects?!  Oh, yeah!  that’s right…i’m making Art….ha ha, i almost forgot….somebody might like this and recognize some validity in it…whew!  I thought for a minute there that I was wasting a whole lot of time!  Ha ha, he, he….hmmmm.

So, It might be nice to take some of my ideas further.  With the help of my  FABULOUS new assistant Sherie Ruppersberger, I’ll be pushing,  ever pushing, forward.  I’d like to get to the point where I can pay her with more than skills and knowledge.  (Soon, Sherie, hang in there!)  This is Sherie:

This is her Blog:


There will be more from us in the coming days.

Stay tuned.