IPOD Burn Barrel II

SO, as i posted about three weeks ago, I’ve been hard at work creating another luminary burn barrel for the Bambi Biennial.  Here are the progress shots. Come to the show to see the finished product!!

Bambi Gallery  www.bambiproject.com

1001 N. 2nd Street at the Piazza

6-10pm July 2nd (first Friday!!)

I took the graffiti off with some alchohol…

sawed the lid off with a hack saw…

did a little planning…

just a little…  Then I started drilling, (with my new power drill purchased specifically for this project for $89 at Home Depot)

Drilled and drilled and drilled…. I forgot why I told myself I’d never make one of these again…  I remember now…

Had to  figure out something for the lid.

It is what it is.

It is a kitschy, luminary lawn ornament.

It is a burn barrel, to reduce your refuse to ashes.

It is a critique on the ever increasing expediency of nostalgia.  Our icons become old so quickly now.

It is a reminder of the gushing oil in the gulf.

It can be yours for $600.

Anyway, I hope you’ll come to the opening.  It’s always a lovely time:)