Yesterday I finished, (with a little help from my friends at Paul Morelli’s), four 18k white gold, black rhodiumed, with black diamonds, Meditation Bells for Sarah Jessica Parker.  This in itself is quite magical to me.  Not that Sarah Jessica Parker is a God or anything…but hey…She is a movie star.  And in a matter of hours…possibly already…she will be holding, and gifting to her friends from Sex in the City, the gold and diamonds that passed through my fingers and came together at my bench.  It didn’t really hit me until they were all finished.  It was a good feeling, seeing them there, all black and shiny on “the Pad”  (where all the completed pieces go for inspection before being set free, and put into the world…).   I tried to take a picture- but my phone was full…good thing it was because I imagine Paul Morelli would take issue with me doing that.  I’m not actually supossed to have my phone at my bench, at all…   The best I can do is try to find images of her wearing the stuff.  She already bought some things last week or so, and had one on when she was on Letterman last night.  Here’s the clip, she has a bell on her right hand linked to a bracelet.  you can even hear it jingle sometimes!!!:

It was a good couple of days in general.  I got a lot of work done.  And South Philly Joe was in a pleasant, albiet uber-focused, mood.  This is good, because he is very motivating in that way…makes me feel guilty for goofing off.  He’s a lot quicker than I am at making things, in general…been doing it longer.

Here’s what we do when we are not focused…  this is Rachel!

WAIT for it….

And NOW!!, Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to a very special young lady.

She goes by the name Lauren.  Lauren Marsella.  A.K.A. Free Lauren Marsella.

You should write this name down somewhere, in your own blood, for she will one day be the famous name on everyone who’s anyone’s  lips.  Like SJP herself…or even better, MJ.

I know her because I’ve seen her around beautiful Philadelphia at various craft events.  I heard of her first from an old friend who I don’t know anymore, Maggie Van Scoyk, who, rumor has it,  moved to a small volcano island, just off the coast of Venezuela.

Lauren Marsella makes fine adornments from Shrinky Dinks.  She makes all things Michael Jackson.  Her work is fascinating.  She is throwing herself, balls to the wall into fandom and she is documenting it.  She was in Hollywood when Michael Jackson died…a complete coincidence  but she says about it in her blog: “I believe it was a Divine Act.”  Her level of devotion borders on obsession which makes her work completely fascinating. She also makes gifts and ornamented college degrees and rejection letters.  Please, enjoy, won’t you?

This is Lauren Marsella.

This is Michael Jackson.

This is a heart set made from Shrinky Dinks.

These, in the sublime words of Tricky, “make me wanna die”.  THEY ARE SHRINKY DINKS, PEOPLE!!!  ( and if you don’t know what a shrinky dink is…betta learn, son.)

This is a fucking coconut. ONE CANNOT MAKE THIS SHIT UP.  this chick is amazing.

David Hasslehoff with a Lauren Marsella grad school rejection letter.

so sexy.  so, so sexy.

Look.  Go to her websites.  Support her.  Send her on a mission from God to vanquish the demons of Hollywood.  She has a Kickstart site to fund her next pilgrimage to Hollywood.  Give her money, and get a piece of her art at the same time.

She also sell her wares on Etsy:

And she is a funny and quirky blogger:

This is her MAIN PAGE

do it.

These, our Gods…  Jackson, Lennon, Elvis, Biggie Smalls, etc…  Icons.  Larger than life.  Like kings of Constantinople.  Constantine the Great walked in shoes, and shat. Just like the rest of us.



I’m leaving for Mexico in a few hours to lay on the beach for a while.  And, my BFF, Stacy is getting hitched.  So…ya know…see, ya soon:)