please money gods,

save me from slavery.

Brandon on the left.  Mike, or Mark?  on the right.  I worked with these guys for over a year at Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz NY.  I used to wear these clothes.

La Mano MAs PoDerosa

what would i wear.

i can’t do it again.

I won’t be going out to dance for quite some time.  There are other things that must be done.  This awesome city can draw you in and hold you in this cycle of spending and  doing  and taking…having. Its like one of those wheels at amusement parks that you have to keep moving your legs in or you will stumble and fall and just get tumbled in the rolling barrel.


But it is fun.  and if you get caught up in it…it can really ruin you.  I guess it just depends on how ruined you’re willing to let yourself become… before you step back and  repair.  rebuild.

make it all even better than it was before.

would you like to buy some earrings?

TraSH ShAdow art.

Tim Noble  and Sue Webster

please make my hands powerful and productive.