Zivile Pupinyte!

Ok, so this woman, Zivile, who I found out about from Dj Jack Tripper, (A.K.A. Guy Smith, A.K.A. Fork bartender),  makes the most outrageous and curious jewelry to be found in Philly.  She’s a sweet, cool woman, as I had the pleasure to find out after chatting with her at a few shows.  Some of her work is suprisingly tame, though, and her work runs a long gamut that can include a wide audience of buyers. She is a smart maker.

I need to say that I borrowed all of these photos from her website, and all the photo and model credits are listed with each picture on that site.  None of these photos are mine and I am only sharing them from her site.

For all the information on photography and credits, please go to:  http://www.zivileart.com/

I love how her models have interesting features.  They are not just cookie cut model women.

These ruffle pieces are my favorite.  Reminiscent of victorian ruffs and kitschy lace stripper fashion while staying chic.

A cool coincidence is that I am working at the same place she used to work for a time, Paul Morelli.  I hope someday I get the gumption and motivation to start up something like her project, but until then…well…we’ll see.

Sometimes I feel her advertising can be a little heavy and serious.  Maybe the work doesn’t need all the theatrics?  I don’t know why I get that feeling, I just do.  I love, however, these show shots where the models become white ‘pedestals’, in a way,  for her art.

Zivile has an event coming up at the Arbol Cafe in Northern Liberties on June 6th to celebrate the release of her new series- Sleep II.  The Arbol Cafe is at 209 Poplar St, at Poplar and 2nd.  This going to be a real art event with a Dj, a dancer, and a video.  Gurl ain’t messin around.  This shit is ssserious!

Her work is always available at her gallery and showroom ‘Purl’ which is in the italian market in South Philly at 1138 South 9th street.  Hours and info can be found here:   http://www.thepurlstudios.com

beautiful jewelry.  you can tell she works really, really hard.