right now, just live

One day, a few years ago, I was walking around in a small town.  The trees were green and it was bright and beautiful outside. I was feeling down.  I was walking up a grass covered hill.  I remember hearing people walking by me, talking to each other, and as they came closer I heard their voices grow louder and louder and fade away again as they passed me.  I thought about how easily it was for them to pass.  To go by and continue.  I thought about how I was walking on.  How it never seemed to stop.  Nothing was solid.  We all just kept going.  Moving on from place to place, home to home, situation to situation.  Transients.

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I thought further about this idea of transience.  How I never really felt at home.  How all the places I’d been in the last few years never felt solid.  Always sliding out from under my feet, so that I had to keep my legs moving all of the time.  And I was happy about this.  It felt comfortable to know that I wouldn’t be staying where I was.  Because I was in no way happy.

Guess who?

Paulding Farnham

Salvador Dali

Lauren Kalman

Now.  Perhaps this place feels a little more solid.  Philadelphia.  Perhaps like a…more than a pudding…maybe like a soft bread…no a sponge cake.

Philadelphia is a sponge cake.

there will be time for all of that, later.

Fluffy and soft and sweet.  Think I’ll stay awhile.