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Brass-3 Mohs scale rating… the same as calcite.

1. Pear shaped

A British expression used to indicate that something has gone horribly wrong with a person’s plans, most commonly in the phrase “It’s all gone pear shaped.” The origin is unclear, but one theory says that it is RAF slang relating to the difficulty of performing aerobatic loops, which were described as “pear shaped” if executed imperfectly.

1 Talc Pencil lead 1.0-2.0
2 Gypsum Fingernail 2.5
3 Calcite Copper penny 3.5, brass
4 Fluorite Iron
5 Apatite Tooth enamel, knife blade, glass 5.5-6.0
6 Orthoclase Steel file 6.5
7 Quartz Scratches glass
8 Topaz ——
9 Corundum Saphire, ruby
10 Diamond Synthetic diamond

Friedrich Mohs introduced a popular hardness scale to quantify hardness, mainly to help in identification of minerals and gems.

Mohs’ Scale Rosiwal-grinding-hardness Material for comparison
1 Talcium 0.03
Lead, tin
2 Gypsium, rock salt 1.25
Aluminium, zinc, magnesium, copper, silver, gold
3 Calcite 4.5 Marble, brass, iron, nickel
4 Fluorspar 5
Steels unhardened
5 Apatite 6.5
Window glass
6 Feldspar 37
Low-carbon steels, hardened
7 Quartz 120
0.9% C steel, hardened; tungsten
8 Topaz 175
Special Steels
9 Corundum 1000
10 Diamond 14000

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