bottles and cans. uh jus clap yo hans.

When I was a kid my parents moved us out to the country.  There were a few old buildings in addition to the old farmhouse we moved into, that had been used for storage.  They must have been used since the 50’s or so, because my brother and I found old bottles.  I specifically remember a case of old, empty Fanta bottles.  I wish I still had one of those.  They were so pretty.  Whoever used to live there, way, way back used to dump all their trash in the woods.  There was no recycling back then…  So, we used to go trash diving  in the woods for old bottles and weird trash like shaving cream tins and perfume bottles.  There is a stream behind the house that had been the well and probably the cold pantry.  When we first moved there, an old plastic jesus and some saints adorned the stream bank.  I lost a jelly shoe in that well.  I can’t remember  exactly why I had my leg in the water, but my foot got stuck in the mud and the shoe dissapeared.  It was very traumatic.  I still think about that jelly shoe at the bottom of the leafy mud spring.