wuh? ‘the fuck’s going on?

My mother texted me at 4:35 am with a text that read simply: Call me.

Apparently, somehow she got calls from my cell phone number to their land line at midnight.  Nothing shows up on my phone.  I was sleeping cozy in Stacy Treier’s hobo bed in her living room in West Philly. There I slept with the kitten, Henry, who she rescued from a neighbors porched where he was left with out food and water for over 24 hours.  He just came home from having his balls snipped.  My phone was in my coat pocket in her kitchen.  I called Verizon wireless…they said they found nothing on my line and that my mom should call her phone provider.  He also said that people can’t hack cell phone lines anymore.

This strange event, the rain, and the sudden and unexpected breakdown of a large portion of my social network have got me down.

I cannot figure out what is happening…there must be something going on, karma swirling, or the stars aligning in some awful way…there was also…no kidding, a black cat that walked right in front of my door as I opened it to leave my house, where I don’t feel wanted, last night.

I came back to find a few things different in my room.  But no pink sweatshirt…really, I need that back, you know who you are.

curioser and curioser.

and so, I’ve decided to hole my self away in my room until this all blows over.  I’ll put some pics up of new pieces, soon.