steel and flowers

Aside from the fact that these are blatent S+M gear disguised as “art jewelry”, these pieces by Rebekah Frank, who just graduated from Texas State University, are fascinating to me because of their craftsmanship.  Her artist statement goes into gender and interpreting the way women are viewed in contemporary society.  I’m not going to relay her whole statement to you, if you want to read it go to:

Cold steel, totally wearable…?  who cares.

freaky shit…I like it.

On another note….it’s getting warm… This makes me incredibly happy.  Everything else melts away when the sun is out and I can feel it on my skin.

We started our seedlings just a day ago.  In about a month and a half, we’ll have lots of tomato plants, cucumbers, morning glories, hopefully peppers…and various other flowers and herbs…now I just have to find pots to grow them in!  AH! urban gardening!

These 2 (above and below) pics are rings made by Maria Apostolov for the Flicker Ring a Day Challenge.  Beautiful photography, too.

DAMN, this is pretty.  I don’t have the guts, though…