Idle hands are the devil’s workshop

I like how we pull cellphones from pockets

Flip them open like old-time watches

but with preciser time

based on global positions and satellites

rather than the town hall or the grandfather clock in the hall

Trying to fight this perpetual dissatisfaction;

not ask too much from those who have little to give.

(Written at the bench February 5th 2010)

I awoke this morning to a dead mouse on the floor beside my bed.  A gift from my adorable pet of a cat- Dinah-moe.  She is a gem.  She caught two today…and is incredibly tuckered out.  Not sure what the sudden influx of mice is due to, but we’re all working hard to combat it.  Great way to start the day, as I know she meant it as some sort of offering or gift.  Maybe she thought I might want to eat it…?  I dunno, but I’m glad she’s hunting them and killing them…and with one eye, only!

I finally got those few new pieces over to Bambi today.  Candace (pronounced Can-dey-suh), the owner was very happy to have them, and happy to see the old pieces go.  She told me about the last show, which I sadly missed because of the snow storm.  And she told me about shoplifters taking stuff from the store…which made me feel sick inside.  She works so hard to keep that gallery going… and people who don’t know, and don’t care…just saunter in and selfishly take things that were made by hand.  Its gross.

I’ve been sick, just getting back into things, now.   One of those awful wintery colds that exhausts you, and then you have to stay warm when you venture out.  It’s lingering but I am fighting.  Today was a chicken noodle soup (with a soda on da side) kinda day.

Still working on PBR SHOW!  Which is next weekend!!!  reminder!

PICM is really excited to announce our next event~
The Philadelphia Independent Craft Market’s 2nd Annual Pabst Blue Ribbon Crafting Challenge
Saturday~ February 27th 3pm-10pm
@ The 2424 Studios Skybox
2424 York Street, Fishtown

We want to celebrate with Philadelphia our love of the ‘Great American Accessory’ known simply as a PBR!
There will be 20+ independent artists with an array of handmade and vintage PBR goods competing for prizes over the best displayed tables.  You don’t want to miss your chance to see this and bring home your own handmade PBR treasure!  There will also be a chance for everyone to win a prize with fun PBR games and raffles.  Last years show was a huge success, and this year is going to be bigger and better~ more art, more vendors, and more space!   There is an $8 suggested donation to enter and it includes plenty ‘o PBR sponsored free refreshments.  We got your cure for cabin fever!!

The fun continues with live music throughout the day~ we have 5 amazing bands performing.
On the bill:
Chang Chang/Ruinit ~an act you’ll have to see to believe and for those in the know~ I’m sure they are excited for this opportunity for some balls out fun.
TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb ~“If you’re looking for a boot-stomping, whiskey drinking, screaming and shouting good time be sure to check out TJ Kong & the Atomic Bomb.”-Deli Magazine
The Homophones~ Wistful, simple, strange, dream pop.
Univox~”They sound kinda like four Iggy Pops singing David Bowie lyrics over Neil Young’s music.”
West Vienna ~ Includes former members of Phil Moore Browne~bluesy poetic rock ‘n roll with a punk edge.

This is also a great chance to check out one of Philly’s hottest new venues : The “Skybox,” located at 2424 Studios at 2424 E. York Street is an unparalleled and climate controlled event space of over 6,200 feet that is for community use and for rent to the public. The Skybox is unequivocally Philadelphia’s newest and most unique event space.