The Storm of the Century.

In 1000 years, when they’re diggin’ up Philadelphia, they’re gonna lift up some old woman’s arm with that stitch bracelet attached to it – and they’re gonna put it in a museum.  That’s what I’m thinkin’ about when I’m makin’ that.

– Joseph Hague (edited)  (A.K.A. South Philly Joe)

Joe is a guy who sits directly in front of me at work.  He said this today around 12:30.  It made this the best day of the week.  I immediately said out loud, “that’s beautiful” and immediately wished I hadn’t.  But, well, it struck me and I responded.  These are good people that I work with.  They care, probably more than I do at times, and I feel very happy and priveledged to work with them.  I wish I could keep this moral all the time…but sometimes I slip.  It was a difficult week and my work looked like crap.  But today was a fine way to end it and I’m sure things will be better next week.

I eagerly anticipate this snow storm.  I’ve no where that I really, really have to go, so I’m just going to stay in South Philly and enjoy it.  I will be missing the first installment of the Rick Marshall, Going Away, Selling Off All His Tools, Party.  Rick Marshall is the Metals Department head at Peter’s Valley Craft Education Center- or was, until he was recently laid off.  So he’s having a lovely, two weekend send off.  I’ll just have to go next week.

I’m working on work to take to Bambi.  I meant to have it finished for tonight, First Friday, but I didn’t get enough done that I really like.  I’d rather give her something good, than rush it.  images soon.  I promise…First things first…(joyous first friday that is!)

It’s going to be a quiet, fun weekend with friends.  Come over, I’ll make you some Colombian spiced hot cocoa…with or without the bourbon.


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    1. AH! sorry. That sucks. I was trying to be nice and quote this really cool thing he said…ah well…
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