a little warmer.

On the way to work this morning I could taste salt in the air, a remnant from this weekend’s snowstorm.  It’s February 1st.  Tomorrow; groundhog’s day, and we’re supposed to find out what’s in store for the coming spring….bullshit, I know.  But  i always have this twinge of superstitious hope about it.

I thought I should put up a little info about my job.  These pages have pictures of the typical things I make on any given day:


I would cut and paste pictures, but i’m sure there would be copywright issues- better just to go to the site if  you’re interested.  I typically work on the Meditation bell series.  I did do some Applique pieces, but not for quite a while.  My favorite pieces are the Garden gate series.   Damn things are so beautiful.

Been listening to music on soundcloud.com.  This site where dj’s upload their mixes.  Alot of it is techno-y electronica but the guy that told me about it, Dj Peter Piper, has fun listenable mixes that I like.  You gotta sign up on the site but it’s easy.


k.  just working on jewelry, then.