Ah! a bit of progress!

Today I figured out how to utilize my Mobile me account and I signed up for a new domain name that is completely %100 in my control.  No relying on others ever again for these important things.   I intend to keep my things my own and to do everything myself.  It is so easy to rely on others alond the road, but it never seems to end well for me.

I so often worry that my friends don’t like me.  I so often worry that I have hurt them with every little thing I might have said or done.  I so often worry that they put up with me to appease me and that they don’t really appreciate our connection.  I know that this is ridiculous.  I know that I should not worry.  Friends, I love you and I hope to always love you.   I don’t know why I let myself worry like this.

I continue work on the PBR show.  Friday I bought a case and have been going through it with the help of said friends.  It has been a happy, somewhat painful weekend.  I work today in my studio, on the website and with my camera, attempting to understand what happened to all of the pictures I had on there.

I am soon ready to share this blog with a link to my website and soon to come photos.  It feels good to get these things harnessed and building, once again.

New work coming to sell at Bambi, too.    I am feeling very productive today.